Buy The Right Mortal Engines Ticket

Readers, start your Mortal Engines! It’s time to revisit one of this month’s would-be blockbusters, and the film most likely to draw in folks that can’t make it to Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. Another YA franchise looks to make itself into a fixture at the movies, and it’s bringing along an old friend for the ride as well. We’re not talking about multiple entries ready to be adapted, should the green light be issued. No, we’re talking about the 3D conversion!

But is Mortal Engines worth the 3D ticket money, or are you better off donating the extra Quirks to the St. Paul’s Energy Project? That’s what we’re here to determine today, as To 3D or Not To 3D braves the wastes of the Earth and helps you make the right decision. If you’re interested in what we thought of the movie, head on over to the official review. Otherwise, it’s time to get busy with running through if Mortal Engines makes the 3D grade!

If you don’t think motorized cities with the ability to wage war aren’t a 3D fit, you’re probably not that big of a fan of the format. Mortal Engines has landscapes, locations, and events that are so built for 3D, it would be a disappointment if they weren’t offered in such a manner. Not to mention, it’s a big spectacle that’s meant to help close 2018’s box office season in grand fashion, so the extra splash is absolutely warranted.

Planning & Effort Score


Only some minor hiccups stop Mortal Engines from being a perfect 3D conversion, but other than that, this is a pretty well planned and executed 3D film. Brightness is where the film really takes its lumps, but other than that, there’s some well thought out action in the film’s third dimensional enhancements. The practice of 3D conversion started out as taking some serious guff from purists, but a film like Mortal Engines shows just how far it’s come after all of these years.

Before the Window Score


You might not believe it, but it’s extremely hard to get a 3D conversion that knows how to properly throw things out at its audience. But considering how much of a technical fanatic producer / writer Peter Jackson is, it’s no surprise that Mortal Engines gets this factor absolutely right. It only takes a handful of minutes into the film before you know its serious about the 3D, with massive, flinching objects pushing their way out of the screen. Now take that sensibility, and expand it throughout a film where guns are pointed at faces, cannons fire causing debris to explode, and various chase scenes fly past your face, and you’ve got a good time.

Beyond the Window Score


Complementing the stellar work that the team behind Mortal Engines’ 3D conversion did on the “Before The Window” factor is the absolutely gorgeous depth brought to the film’s picture. The usual hallmarks are airtight, with characters well separated from their environments, as well as their co-stars. But on top of the spatial reasoning being solid, the depth factor is truly endless, making some scenes even more breathtaking in 3D than in 2D. One scene in Mortal Engines’ third act even uses this effect to introduce a new setting in a most fantastic manner.

Hello darkness, our old friend. The brightness factor on Mortal Engines loses a point for the same old problem, no matter where you go. When you put on those grey/black glasses, the picture naturally dims a little bit. In the case of Mortal Engines, it mutes the mostly warmer color palette that the film snuggly find itself colored by. Your mileage may vary in terms of brightness, seeing as it also depends on how well your theater calibrates and maintains its 3D auditoriums. But as it stands, for the presentation we saw, the picture was only slightly dimmer than it was with the glasses off.

Since we’ve already got our glasses off, let’s talk about the blur you might be seeing on the screen. You’re going to want to lift your glasses up during Mortal Engines, not only to give your eyes a small break, but also to see what’s going on without the aid of polarized lenses. That blur is totally natural, in fact, it’s an indicator of how much the image on the screen has been manipulated to present a 3D image. The majority of the film is pretty blurry, with both background and foreground shots getting in on the action. But there are some instances where the picture isn’t as blurred as others, giving almost a 2D look to certain aspects of the picture. Thankfully, those moments are few and far between.

Audience Health Score


Your eyes are important, and if the presentation isn’t just right on a 3D movie, you might find them strained during the presentation of a film like Mortal Engines. But much like the majority of the factors covered in our To 3D guide, there’s a lot of praise to be had in the audience health factor. The entire product is a smooth experience, with no eye strain or nausea to be had, and that’s no small feat with the fast paced action presented on the screen. You’re not going to need a steel stomach to watch Mortal Engines in 3D.

3D Fit Score 5
Planning & Effort Score 4
Before the Window Score 5
Beyond the Window Score 5
Brightness Score 4
Glasses Off Score 4
Audience Health Score 5

Mortal Engines is not only a 3D film well worth the audience’s time, it’s a film that begs to be seen in IMAX 3D, or any large format offering the same treatment. Its immersive storytelling is severely engaging in 2D, but becomes absolutely electric in the 3D presentation. While the brightness fudges things up a little, it doesn’t sink the ship entirely. If you’re only going to see it once, see it right and take the 3D journey to futuristic London!

How Will You See Mortal Engines?

Be sure to visit our full To 3D Or Not To 3D Archive.


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Rajinikanth – Akshay Kumar’s 2.0, Tiger Shroff’s Baaghi 2, Sanju, Padmaavat, Race 3 amongst most searched films on Google in 2018

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jQuery(‘a.rtsocial-gplus-icon-link’).attr(‘title’, ‘Rajinikanth – Akshay Kumar’s 2.0, Tiger Shroff’s Baaghi 2, Sanju, Padmaavat, Race 3 amongst most searched films on Google in 2018’);
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jQuery(‘a.rtsocial-twitter-icon-link’).attr(‘title’, ‘Tweet: Rajinikanth – Akshay Kumar’s 2.0, Tiger Shroff’s Baaghi 2, Sanju, Padmaavat, Race 3 amongst most searched films on Google in 2018’);
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jQuery(‘a.rtsocial-fb-icon-link’).attr(‘title’, ‘Recommend: Rajinikanth – Akshay Kumar’s 2.0, Tiger Shroff’s Baaghi 2, Sanju, Padmaavat, Race 3 amongst most searched films on Google in 2018’);


It’s been a great year for movies in India. While some big budget movies failed at the box office, unconventional and small budget films were sleeper hits. Google, like every year, has released which movies were most talked about. It was 2.0 starring Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar that took the throne followed by Tiger Shroff‘s action-packed film Baaghi 2 came in at the second position. Salman Khan‘s high octane action film Race 3, which didn’t receive positive reviews, came in at third position. The third part in Marvel’s Avengers series, Avengers: Infinity War came in at the fourth position followed by Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan starrer Tiger Zinda Hai taking the fifth position.

Rajinikanth - Akshay Kumar's 2.0, Tiger Shroff's Baaghi 2, Sanju, Padmaavat, Race 3 amongst most searched films on Google in 2018

Ranbir Kapoor’s Sanju, which was Sanjay Dutt biopic, Deepika PadukoneRanveer SinghShahid Kapoor magnum opus Padmaavat, Marvel’s Black Panther, Ishaan Khatter – Janvhi Kapoor’s Sairat remake Dhadak and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 2 were the movies amongst top 10 most searched films on Google in 2018.

1. 2.0

Rajinikanth - Akshay Kumar's 2.0, Tiger Shroff's Baaghi 2, Sanju, Padmaavat, Race 3 amongst most searched films on Google in 2018

 2. Baaghi 2

Rajinikanth - Akshay Kumar's 2.0, Tiger Shroff's Baaghi 2, Sanju, Padmaavat, Race 3 amongst most searched films on Google in 2018

 3. Race 3

Rajinikanth - Akshay Kumar's 2.0, Tiger Shroff's Baaghi 2, Sanju, Padmaavat, Race 3 amongst most searched films on Google in 2018

 4. Avengers: Infinity War

Rajinikanth - Akshay Kumar's 2.0, Tiger Shroff's Baaghi 2, Sanju, Padmaavat, Race 3 amongst most searched films on Google in 2018

 5. Tiger Zinda Hai

Rajinikanth - Akshay Kumar's 2.0, Tiger Shroff's Baaghi 2, Sanju, Padmaavat, Race 3 amongst most searched films on Google in 2018

 6. Sanju

Rajinikanth - Akshay Kumar's 2.0, Tiger Shroff's Baaghi 2, Sanju, Padmaavat, Race 3 amongst most searched films on Google in 2018

 7. Padmaavat

Rajinikanth - Akshay Kumar's 2.0, Tiger Shroff's Baaghi 2, Sanju, Padmaavat, Race 3 amongst most searched films on Google in 2018

 8. Black Panther

Rajinikanth - Akshay Kumar's 2.0, Tiger Shroff's Baaghi 2, Sanju, Padmaavat, Race 3 amongst most searched films on Google in 2018

 9. Dhadak

Rajinikanth - Akshay Kumar's 2.0, Tiger Shroff's Baaghi 2, Sanju, Padmaavat, Race 3 amongst most searched films on Google in 2018

 10. Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2

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Jerry Seinfeld Weighs In On Kevin Hart’s Oscars Departure

Whenever there is a controversy surrounding jokes or a particular comedian, one person that is frequently asked to offer his opinion on the matter is Jerry Seinfeld. From Roseanne to James Gunn, when a joke is the catalyst of controversy the comedian is always willing to give his take. So with the recent kerfuffle surrounding Kevin Hart’s very brief turn as Oscar host, Jerry Seinfeld has once again weighed in, saying:

Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t explicitly say what he thinks about Kevin Hart’s past jokes, the request from the Academy that he apologize or his decision to step down. Instead he is looking at the end result of the situation and who won and who lost. And in that regard, Jerry Seinfeld seems to see the situation as the Oscars taking a major L by losing Kevin Hart as a host.

Despite the controversy, Jerry Seinfeld does not believe that this will hurt his fellow comedian, who is talented and has a very successful movie career. He thinks that Kevin Hart will be just fine, but by dropping out, the Academy finds itself in quite the bind. As Jerry Seinfeld told Willie Geist on Sunday Today, replacing the popular comedian is no easy thing.

It’s hard to argue with him either on that point. Kevin Hart was announced as the host later than the announcement is usually made, and now the Academy is presumably scrambling to find someone just as exciting to replace him, and no doubt hoping that old social media posts don’t once again rear their ugly head.

There has even been talk that the Academy is considering going without a host for the upcoming ceremony. That would definitely be something different, and the Academy is trying to shake things up to improve ratings. Of course, there’s no way to know if Kevin Hart, a replacement host for the comedian or a host-less show would do more to help bring in viewers. But given Kevin Hart’s popularity, you can see Jerry Seinfeld’s point.

At the moment, the situation seems to have done more obvious harm to next year’s Oscars ceremony than to Kevin Hart’s career. Although even the mildest of controversies is bound to result in social media shouting matches, a recent poll indicates that a major sentiment toward the controversy is one of ambivalence.

However, it was apparently a dream of Kevin Hart’s to host the Oscars and he now won’t get that chance, not this upcoming ceremony anyway. So while his career might be fine and his fans might still think well of him, he does now miss out on an opportunity he wanted.

The 91st Academy Awards airs, host or not, on Sunday, February 24, 2019. For all the movies coming to theaters next year, check out our 2019 Release Schedule.

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The Health Evolution Raw and Living Foods Home Study Course

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Deja Vu! The  mystery of Deepika Padukone and her obsession with old looks


We all know for a fact that our Rani sa Deepika Padukone is all kinds of gorgeous! Her doe/shaped eyes, an enviable lithe frame, a dimpled smile and affable nature endear her endlessly. Inevitably, her humongous base expects her to up the ante every time she steps out. The newly married Deepika has taken to the bright red hue – a customary colour of the Indian bride with much gusto. Last night, the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2018 transpired in the city. Deepika Padukone pulled off a style beat that was downright a REPEAT of her 2017 look from the xXx: Return of Xander Cage premiere in Mumbai. Only this time, the pale beige Sabyasachi ensemble had switched colours to a bright red one!

As fashion aficionados, we are well aware of the fact that most of Deepika’s ethnic looks are accentuated by the feted designer Sabyasachi. If her wedding trousseau beamed with red then her post-wedding style shenanigans have only got BORING! With both the looks being styled by her go-to fashion stylist Shaleena Nathani, here’s the resemblance that gave the whole deja vu vibe!

Deepika Padukone in Sabyasachi

Deepika Padukone in Sabyasachi for xXx_ Return of Xander Cage premiere (1)

Back in 2017, Deepika donned an intricately embroidered sheer dress with a deep cut back. Deepika’s traditional meets contemporary look was impeccable as she added a matching sheer jacket featuring a contemporary high-low hemline and a long trail.

Deepika Padukone in Sabyasachi for xXx_ Return of Xander Cage premiere (2)

Accessorizing her look with earrings and rings from Aurelle by Leshna Shah, Deepika’s footwear of choice were the classic three strapped Giuseppe Zanotti Design sandals.


With her hair tied neatly in a low pony, Deepika’s subtle makeup accentuated by bold eyes and nude lips rounded out her look.

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Deepika Padukone for Nickleodeon Kids Choice Awards 2018 (1)

Cut to 2018, Deepika chose the same ensemble featuring the same low back cut and a fringed hemline in the bold red hue sans the sheer jacket.

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Deepika Padukone for Nickleodeon Kids Choice Awards 2018 (2)

She chose a pair of strappy red sandals, traditional wedding chura, ruby earrings and a mangalsutra to go with the vibe.


A textured low back ponytail, courtesy hairstylist Gabriel Georgiou and a flawless makeup, courtesy makeup artist Shraddha Naik rounded out her look.

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We agree that repeating is the new cool but with a plethora of style options at hand, we urge Deepika Padukone to tap some new style vibes!

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EXCLUSIVE: Shah Rukh Khan reveals Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s ‘Main Roz Roz Tanha’ is recreated in Zero


Shah Rukh Khan is gearing up for the release of his next film, Zero. The film celebrates life and is a story of an adorable vertically challenged man in an unusual tale. As the promotions are on in full swing, the actor revealed EXCLUSIVELY to Bollywood Hungama that the next song in the film will be a recreation of veteran singer, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

EXCLUSIVE Shah Rukh Khan reveals Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's 'Main Roz Roz Tanha’ is recreated in Zero

In the interview, Shah Rukh Khan revealed that the next song which will be out in the next few days. The song is a recreation of ‘Main Roz Roz Tanha’ and has been composed by Tanishq Bagchi. “There’s a qawwali which should come out next. ‘Main Roz Roz Tanha’ which is based on old Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan qawwali. Not very well known. Tanishq has done the music,” he said.

In Zero, Anushka Sharma is seen essaying the role of a cerebral palsy patient while Katrina Kaif plays a Bollywood superstar in the film. Red Chillies Entertainment and Colour Yellow Productions come together to bring Zero, produced by Gauri Khan, the Aanand L Rai directorial is all set to release on 21st December 2018.

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No, James Wan Isn’t Contracted For An Aquaman Sequel

Next weekend sees the release of Aquaman from director James Wan. By and large, the reviews for the film seem to indicate that the acclaimed director has delivered one of the best DCEU films to date. So naturally, assuming Aquaman is a success at the box office, many fans will want to see James Wan back in the director’s chair to helm a potential sequel. Not so fast though, because Wan isn’t contracted for an Aquaman sequel, as he explained:

Aquaman isn’t even officially out yet, so James Wan wants to keep the focus on this film before discussing the possibility of sequels. That’s understandable, after an exhausting two years of making Aquaman. He’s probably ready for a rest, and doesn’t want to assume a sequel will happen before knowing how the first film performs. However, Wan did reveal to Variety that he is not currently signed on to direct any other Aquaman movies.

That isn’t the same as him saying he doesn’t want to direct any others, or that he is done with the franchise. There could be an Aquaman 2 and James Wan could still direct it, but contractually speaking, he is not obligated to return to Atlantis.

This is obviously very notable, because if Aquaman is successful and Warner Bros. decides to make a second one, there will be the open question of who is going to direct it until James Wan officially returns or the studio gets somebody else.

The situation is somewhat reminiscent of what happened with Wonder Woman. Warner Bros. only signed on Patty Jenkins for the first film. The, when Wonder Woman was a critical and commercial smash hit, the studio had to back up the money truck to bring her back.

The outlook on Aquaman isn’t quite as rosy as Wonder Woman critically, but the reviews are largely positive thus far and no doubt audiences who like the film will want to see James Wan return to play in the world that he so painstakingly created.

On the other hand, James Wan is a talented director who made his mark in horror before moving on to Furious 7 and then the world of superheroes, so it would also be interesting to see him tackle something else new — and he may want to. Then again, he has also shown interest in a horror take on Batman as well as Blade, so maybe he’ll stay in the comic book realm and just do something different. Time will tell.

Early indicators at the box office are good for Aquaman with the film tracking at a $65 million opening weekend against stiff competition. In addition to that, Aquaman has already surpassed Wonder Woman‘s entire run in the all-important Chinese market.

Those signs bode well for an Aquaman 2, if that’s in DC’s plans, but James Wan returning to make it is not a certainty.

Aquaman dives into theaters on December 21st. For movies looking to make a splash next year, check out our 2019 Release Schedule.

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Sara Ali Khan REFUSES to imitate father Saif Ali Khan (watch EXCLUSIVE video)


Sara Ali Khan is the new kid on the block alright but she already is making the right moves with her interviews that she is giving and the way she is handling all the praise and adulation she is receiving after Kedarnath. She has been saying that she never expected that she would be loved so much by the masses and the overall response has been pretty humbling to her as a person. In one of the fan segments in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama, she was asked to imitate Saif Ali Khan’s iconic ‘WOW’ to which she said, “No. Please don’t hate me but no. He’s my father what do you mean? How can you do this to me?”

Sara Ali Khan REFUSES to imitate father Saif Ali Khan (watch EXCLUSIVE video)

Trust Sara to speak her mind at all times. She sure knows how to keep the massy connect by being pretty witty, relatable and grounded at all times. After Kedarnath, her other movie Simmba is coming up on December 28 with Ranveer Singh. She is now busy promoting the Rohit Shetty movie as well as doing interviews on account of Kedarnath’s success. She has not yet signed any other movie after Simmba but fingers crossed, pretty soon we will get the news!

For now, she wants to date Kartik Aaryan and marry Ranbir Kapoor among other things. Watch Sara’s video and stay tuned for more news on her.

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What CinemaBlend Thought Of The New Animated Movie

Since Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire brought us the first big screen Spider-Man movie in 2002, we’ve seen the web slinger on the big screen more than any other hero. Now, Spider-Man makes the jump to animated feature with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, a movie with more Spider-Men (Spider-Mans? Spider-People?) than any that came before. How does the new movie compare to those that preceded it? Remarkably well.

CinemaBlend Events Editor Eric Eisenberg wrote the official review for us here and he gave it a perfect five-star rating. He says it’s creative and funny, and really has only the most glowing things to say.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is a phenomenal, electrifying and legitimately special work. After as many Spidey movies we’ve seen in the last 16 years, you might think that Hollywood would have little more to offer from the character in terms of new and original big-screen adventures, but it’s brilliant and mesmerizing to see what this one brings to the table. It’s creative, the unusual animation style is mind-boggling in the best way; it’s hilarious throughout; and, perhaps most important of all, perfectly exposes all of the elements that have made the web-slinger a pop culture icon in the last half-century.

While we’ve seen Spider-Man on the big screen before, and we’ve seen the character in animated form on television, this is the first time that the two things have come together into an animated feature film. Shift Editor Adam Holmes says that the film’s unique animation style is one of the reasons that Into the Spider-Verse is something special.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse isn’t just one of the best Spider-Man movies, if not the best, it’s also a triumph of animation in general. In this case, it’s not cliched to say that the movie feels like a comic book come to life, both through its unique artwork and its use of superhero tropes that would be difficult to pull off in live action. The fact that Into the Spider-Verse is able to include so much Spider-mythos material without the movie feeling overcrowded is an impressive achievement.

Spider-Man is one of the most popular comic book characters in the world, but for Managing Director Sean O’Connell, the character is very special. As such, he can be quite critical of the nuances within the story and the character, but for him, not only is Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse a great movie, it is, to date, the definitive version of the character on film.

Into the Spider-Verse faced an immense challenge. How do you make a character who has been in countless comic books and nearly a double-digit amount of films feel fresh, creative and relevant? The answer is to shift to Miles Morales, but also to use the multi-verse to introduce numerous iterations of the beloved Spider-Man mythos, all while tunneling to the heart of what makes this character special. This is the definitive Spider-Man movie. It’s hilarious, touching, exciting, and the animation is next-level brilliant. Plus, the Stan Lee cameo destroyed me. When it comes to Spider-Man, I thought I’d sen it all. This year — thanks to Avengers: Infinity War, the mesmerizing PS4 game, and the gamble made by creative Spider-Verse storytellers — I realize that when it comes to Spider-Man, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Some of the biggest changes in Into the Spider-Verse are focused on the simple character switch of making Miles Morales, and not Peter Parker, the main character of the story, but that decision affects so mucgh about trhge movie as a whole that it feels entirely fresh and different,

2018 has been a remarkably good year for the superhero movie genre. With Marvel’s epic, Avengers: Infinity War to its potential Best Picture nominee Black Panther, the bar for the genre is incredibly high right now. Marvel has produced some remarkable achievements. Having said that, Senior Movie Contributor Mike Reyes is of the opinion that Into the Spider-Verse is actually a better Marvel superhero movie than anything actually produced by Marvel Studios.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is something magical. An emotional journey wrapped in an animated tentpole, it shatters all expectations. It’s not just the best animated film of the year, it’s the best Marvel film of 2018 as well.

It does seem like this one blows away expectations because we largely didn’t see it coming. With the film being animated while most of our focus has been on live-action superheroes, this one snuck up on us. We probably should have seen it coming. Producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have made a career out of taking existing properties and twisting them into new ways that we never saw coming. From 21 Jump Street to The LEGO Movie, we end up happily surprised at every turn.

And finally, you can add my voice to the choir. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is so refreshing that it doesn’t even feel like it’s a character we’ve seen before and now all I want is to see more of it.

The thing that makes Into The Spider-Verse so special is that, on top of being the best Spider-Man movie of the last two decades, it makes you want to see MORE Spider-Man. If every sequel and spinoff can be as good as this, then bring them all on.

Of course, we do already know that we’re going to get more from the Spider-Verse, as a sequel and a Spider Gwen focused spinoff have apparently already been greenlit by Sony. Between the other characters that the new movie introduces and the essentially limitless number that could be introduced, we could potentially see a lot more from this particular cinematic universe. If they can be as good as this one, I’m ok with that.

We don’t always agree here at CinemaBlend, but when it comes to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse we could not be more in agreement. This movie isn’t just good, it’s straight up great. If you’re even just a casual fan of Spider-Man, superheroes or even just animation, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is in theaters now. Seriously, go, go now.


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CID producer BP Singh replaces Anupam Kher as FTII chairman


Bijendra Pal Singh aka BP Singh, the director-producer of the longest running TV show CID, has been appointed as the new president of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) Society and Chairman of Governing Council. The announcement was made on December 13 by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. BP Singh will be heading FTII and his tenure will be for three years starting from March 4, 2017, as per provisions of FTII rules.

CID producer BP Singh replaces Anupam Kher as FTII chairman

Interestingly, before being appointed as the FTII Chairman, BP Singh was serving in the capacity of Vice Chairman of the FTII Governing Council.

BP Singh has broken several records as the producer-director of CID. The show completed 21 years of unbroken run on Sony TV. In 2004, he even made it to the Limca Book of Records for taking a single continuous shot of 111 minutes on six years of CID.

In October, Anupam Kher resigned as the chairman of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). The veteran actor cited his busy international schedule as the reason behind him stepping down as the chairman.

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