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Disney Wouldn’t Let Wreck-It Ralph 2 Make A Kylo Ren Joke

Animated Disney movies are known for making jokes about pop culture on occasion, but ahead of the release of Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston have revealed a Kylo Ren joke did not make the final cut. Moore revealed more about what happened in a recent interview, noting,

Disney apparently has pretty strong communication between departments, as Rich Moore said the creative team respectfully went to Lucasfilm with the original idea, whereupon they were promptly shot down. Considering the upcoming movie already notoriously has a scene featuring the Disney Princesses playing up their various personalities and stereotypes, the lack of tolerance for a Kylo Ren joke might seem like a surprise, but the directors don’t seem too bent out of shape about being told “no.”

Instead, they told IGN the decision to cut the Kylo Ren joke was one that made sense for the movie. In order for a jab to work it really needs to “honor who these characters are” not take a quick shot for the sake of comedy. Phil Johnston also told the outlet the movie is really going for “loving satire” and apparently the Kylo Ren joke really didn’t fit that mold.

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 isn’t avoiding Disney’s popular Star Wars franchise completely. In fact, C-3PO is set to be the butler in the upcoming movie, also appearing in the princesses scene.

Director Rich Moore previously addressed why Princess Leia wasn’t included in the Disney princesses scene, noting,

If you haven’t seen the full trailer for Wreck-It Ralph 2 in all its princess glory, be sure to check it out below.

So, it sounds like some Star Wars references will make it in, but some just didn’t really fit the direction of where the movie was going or what Disney was hoping to see in the animated flick. We’ll be able to see if the tone in Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 is not too hot, not too cold and, in fact, just right when the movie hits theaters on November 21, 2018.

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Marvel Just Made A Huge Change To Captain Marvel, Probably to Fit The New Movie

Changes in the comics don’t always reflect what’s happening on the big screen for major superhero movies. For instance, a female Thor in your weekly issue of the Asgardian comic doesn’t mean that Chris Hemsworth’s being recast any time soon. However, a new change to Captain Marvel in the latest Marvel issues does seem to reflect something we bet they’re setting up for the Captain Marvel movie.

Brie Larson is poised to begin playing Carol Danvers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe next year. (Her movie, Captain Marvel, drop March 8, 2019.) And new issues of a Captain Marvel run of comics, The Life of Captain Marvel, is making drastic changes to the character’s classic origin… and if we had to project forward, we can basically see how it would fit into the narrative of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s origin movie.

Carol traditionally receives her powers when she encounters a Kree device that explodes, “blessing” her with the powers of Captain Marvel. In the comics, Carol is trying to get close to Dr. Walter Lawson, the human alias of the Kree hero Captain Marvel, or Mar-Vell. The Life of Captain Marvel‘s latest issue, according to io9, introduces a new Mar-Vell, though… and it’s Carol’s mother.

According to this tweaked origin, Carol’s Kree exposure thanks to the blast was not an accident. Instead, it awakened something that was in her already, passed down from her mother, who was the original Mar-Vell (well, actually, Mari-Ell). This makes Carol Car-Ell. And it lends more of a birthright to her powers, strengthening an emotional tie to her origin story.

Carol’s mom is a Kree. Carol is a half-human, half-Kree from birth. The explosion from the Kree device triggered something that already was inside of her. The origin has been shifted, and it’s major.

How might this spin forward into the Captain Marvel movie? This is ALL speculation, but bear with me as I try to connect a few dots. Marvel Studios has said that when the movie starts, Carol will already be Captain Marvel, and when she lands on Earth, she’ll begin to remember her past, but vaguely.

We know that Jude Law plays the combo role of Mar-Vell and Walter Lawson in the upcoming movie, and he will be mentoring Carol in how to be a devout Kree warrior.

But there’s a role that has NOT been confirmed in the movie, and it’s for a major Hollywood icon. Who is Annette Bening playing in Captain Marvel? Could it be Carol’s mom… the original Captain Marvel? Trades, at the time of Bening’s casting, made that connection already, though nothing has been confirmed. Now that Marvel Comics is elevating the status of Carol’s mother to superhero status, it makes more sense that you would be casting this four-time Academy Award nominee. Why cast Bening if it’s for a meaningless supporting part?

What do you guys think? Are the Marvel Comics altering Carol Danvers’ origin to fit what the movie is about to do? Will Brie Larson’s version of the character be born from a Kree mother, and will that Kree mom be played by Annette Bening? It makes too much sense to us not to be true.

We will know for sure once Captain Marvel arrives in theaters on March 8, 2019. For more on all of the Upcoming Marvel Movies, bookmark our guide and check it often!

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Margot Robbie Still Looks Totally Unrecognizable In Final Mary Queen Of Scots Poster

Margot Robbie has had an eclectic resume over the past several years, playing characters as varied as Harley Quinn, Tonya Harding, Tarzan’s Jane, a rabbit named Flopsy and, in an upcoming project, Queen Elizabeth I. Each of these movies has given Margot Robbie a different look, but it is in Mary Queen of Scots that Robbie dives deep and is the most unrecognizable. Don’t take my word for it. Take a look at the final poster for the movie below.

Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan star in the new film, which will follow the life of Mary Stuart and her relationship with her Elizabeth I. Both are women in a male-dominated world of politics. However, Mary Stuart grew up in France and was briefly married to the Dauphin of France while Elizabeth I grew up in England and succeeded the throne after Mary Tudor’s death. The relationship between Elizabeth 1 and Mary Stuart was tumultuous, as the latter attempted to take over the formers throne at one point, leading to distrust and Mary Stuart’s eventual beheading years later.

Saoirse Ronan is on board to play Mary Stuart, who will be attempting to take on the English and claim the throne there. Margot Robbie is playing Elizabeth I. It’s a little unfair that all of the attention has been on Robbie when Ronan is the movie’s namesake, but just look at Robbie! Her stern face and that hair and makeup are totally different than what we’ve seen from the actress. Ronan’s hair is obviously different too, but her period look is far more understated.

We’ve already seen a trailer for the new movie that highlights the regal way the two actresses carry themselves. Period dramas are generally always at least somewhat in vogue and we expect this one to get quite a bit of attention in the coming months. If you haven’t seen the full trailer, you can take a look.

We’re starting to get into the portion of the year when movies with awards potential are being released in full force. Flicks like A Star is Born and First Man are already out and a slew of other hopefuls will be released in the coming months. Mary Queen of Scots will be officially hitting theaters on December 7 around the other holiday releases. To take a look at what else is coming out before the end of the year, keep an eye on the full schedule.

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The New Halloween Was Originally Going To Kill Dr. Loomis

The new Halloween ignores all the previous sequels, but it almost approached the original film in a very different way as well. It turns out that the original version of the new film’s script, written by Danny McBride, Jeff Fradley, and director David Gordon Green, would have essentially rewritten the ending of the original Halloween, and in the process would have killed Dr. Loomis, the psychiatrist played in the original horror classic by Donald Pleasance who finally stops Michael Myers.

In the climax of the original film, Dr. Loomis, who has been following Michael Myers’ path of destruction since the beginning of the film, sees a pair of children running from a house in fear. He finds Michael Myers attacking Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode and shoots Michael multiple times, eventually knocking him off a balcony onto the ground. He speaks briefly with Laurie, before looking back down at the ground and seeing that Michael is gone.

According to Bloody Disgusting, the original opening of the new Halloween would have recreated this sequence, but with some major changes. After Loomis enters the bedroom where Michael and Laurie are, Michael attacks Loomis, causing the doctor to drop his gun. Myers strangles Loomis to death before Laurie picks up the gun and shoots Michael, causing him to fall from the balcony. In the next scene, the police arrive and take Michael into custody.

Apparently, the decision to not include this opening was made at the request of John Carpenter himself, who felt the change would be a mistake that the audience wouldn’t like.

All in all, Carpenter was probably right. It’s one thing to erase all of the sequels from continuity for the new Halloween, but changing the way the original ended would probably be a bridge too far for fans. If the story is going to be drastically changed then part of the value of making the new movie a sequel in the first place is lost.

Still, it’s understandable why the new Halloween might have considered this. Dr. Loomis certainly isn’t going to be a major character in the new film, and Jamie Lee Curtis is. The Laurie Strode of the new film is a character that takes action but the one from the original film is little more than a victim. Showing her as a more proactive character in the opening flashback would have better set the stage for the version of the character we see in the new movie.

None of this is to say that Dr. Loomis won’t appear in the new Halloween. It’s already been reported that the character will be given voice in at least one scene in the movie. More than likely we’ll learn what the doctor’s ultimate fate was, though it will certainly have happened sometime after the events of the original movie.

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Chris Hemsworth Seems Pumped About The New Men In Black As Production Wraps

It’s been over two decades since the first Men in Black came out and six years since the franchise seemingly came to a close with Men in Black 3, but there is still alien activity in need of policing and the agents in black are returning to do just that in next year’s spinoff. One of the stars of the new film, Chris Hemsworth, has wrapped filming and he seems pumped for audiences to see the new Men in Black. Check it out.

It is strange to see Thor without his beard, but I guess when you mess up your one job and half the universe dies, a new career and a new look can give you a fresh start. Chris Hemsworth seems excited to show fans this new Men in Black and it looks and sound like they all had a blast filming F. Gary Gray’s movie. Hopefully, that comes through onscreen in a spinoff that lives up to the original.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson certainly seem like the dynamic duo in this Instagram post and the few images we’ve seen from set. Their interactions and banter were some of the highlights of Thor: Ragnarok and it will be exciting to see how their Men in Black agents play off one another like Jay and Kay before them.

What’s also interesting is that Chris Hemsworth mentions all the different locations they filmed in during production. Filming in London, Morocco, Italy and New York City makes it seem like this new Men in Black will be much more of a global journey than what we’ve seen before from this franchise, showing that the aliens aren’t just confined to the island of Manhattan.

This is affirmed in the small details we know about the plot. MIB is expected to follow agents from the London branch of the Men in Black as they solve a murder mystery, presumably involving aliens, which will take them on a global adventure. The head of that UK branch will be none other than the possessor of a very particular set of skills, one Liam Neeson.

With Chris Hemsworth wrapped on the film, that hopefully means we’ll get some official looks at the spinoff in the form of stills or a teaser before too long. Heck, we’ve been calling it the Men in Black Spinoff or MIB but this movie hasn’t even revealed its official title yet.

MIB or whatever it’s called, stars Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Liam Neeson as well as Mission: Impossible Fallout‘s Rebecca Ferguson, Emma Thompson, Rafe Spall and Kumail Nanjiani.

Sony’s as-yet-untitled Men in Black film makes this look good on June 14, 2019. That’s just one of a whole host of reasons you might as well just move into your local theater next year, check them all out in our 2019 release schedule.

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Meg Ryan’s Son Waited Forever To Watch When Harry Met Sally Because Of The Orgasm Scene

Thirty-some years later, actress Meg Ryan is still best known for her string of rom-coms penned by Nora Ephron, including her pair-ups with Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle. At the climax of her career, 1989’s When Harry Met Sally… came out and is still considered to be one of the best of all time for the genre. Recently, Ryan’s son with Dennis Quaid, 26-year-old son Jack Quaid, admitted that he actually steered clear of his mom’s famous role until recently because of one iconic scene. In his words:

While it’s understandably embarrassing to have a movie out there with your mom faking an orgasm in a busy New York restaurant in front of Billy Crystal, let’s face it, he couldn’t avoid the flick forever. The smart and hilarious When Harry Met Sally… is perhaps Meg Ryan’s best film and most unforgettable role. Jack Quaid also revealed that he had a heartfelt reaction to finally witnessing Ryan’s iconic role to Entertainment Weekly, continuing with:

The 1987 film Innerspace, which stars both of his parents, is also a strange one for Jack Quaid to revisit. It’s the movie where the pair met and ironically enough, one of the other main characters (played by Martin Short) shares his name, Jack. When speaking about his connection with Innerspace, Quaid said he does realize that he probably wouldn’t have been born if Innerspace wasn’t made, so he can’t complain too much about that one. It’s really rare to be able to see your parents at the height of their careers, but Quaid has a unique ability to because of their high-profile jobs.

Jack Quaid is currently an up-and-coming star who has nabbed supporting roles here and there since his first role as one of the tributes in 2012’s The Hunger Games. This year he’s also had small roles in Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage and the animated film Smallfoot. In 2019, Quaid will make the transition into starring roles in the Amazon Prime television series The Boys and in romantic-comedy Plus One.

The Boys has Quaid starring in a superhero comic book adaptation created by the likes of Seth Rogen about a super-powered CIA squad tasked with keeping corrupted heroes in line. On the other hand, Plus One looks like a sweet love story about two longtime single friends who decide to brave a summer of weddings together as each other’s plus ones. Neither of the projects have an official release date, but you can expect them both sometime in 2019.

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13 Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix This Halloween Season

It’s Halloween, which only means one thing: Candy! Well, and costumes, of course. And mischief. Oh, and awkward office parties. Okay, Halloween means a lot of things, but chief among them — and most relevant to us — is scary movies. Nothing says October like a good scary movie, and there are hundreds of horror films for all kinds to watch. Thanks to the emergence of streaming, it’s never been easier to find your favorite scary movie in time for the holiday, and as far as Netflix is concerned, there are a lot of good ones on there.

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How James Wan’s Horror Background Plays Into Aquaman

While always invested in the horror genre, director James Wan has been expanding his oeuvre in recent years. It began with Furious 7, and soon we will see his latest contribution to the blockbuster world with Aquaman. That being said, the man certainly isn’t letting go of his horror roots, and you can definitely expect them to play into his DC Extended Universe work in specific ways. Said the director during an on-set interview,

The subject of James Wan’s history in the horror genre was one that came up frequently last year when I joined a small group of journalists visiting the set of Aquaman last summer in Melbourne, Australia. It was discussed in multiple interviews throughout the tour, leading to our conversation with Wan himself after production had wrapped for the day. He explained that his vision of Atlantis is going to be a beautiful and wondrous place, but he’s also not ignoring the instincts that tell him to explore the terrors that lurk miles below the waves.

So what are these “creatures of the deep” to which James Wan refers? As described by producer Peter Safran, they are the inhabitants of the kingdom known as The Trench, and they are just a bit more monstrous than the other individuals found in the other six undersea kingdoms. Discussing the influences of Wan’s horror past on Aquaman, Safran said,

The producer continued, however, and explained a very different way that Aquaman will feel familiar to those who have followed James Wan’s career. More than just being scary, the director’s past films have a way of making you legitimately care about the characters, which in turn makes you care more when they are in danger. According to Peter Safran, who has worked with Wan on all of the Conjuring Universe titles, that approach is very much in play in his debut superhero movie:

James Wan’s finished work on Aquaman will arrive in theaters on December 21st — and between now and then be sure to be on to look out for a lot more of our set visit coverage.

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Watch Tom Holland Show Up On Kimmel, Get His Spider-Man Mask Stolen

Spider-Man: Far from Home will hit theaters next summer, but we don’t need to wait that long to see Tom Holland in action. The actor made an appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he showed off his new Spider-Man costume and a bit of acrobatic skill, but only after he got his mask back from somebody who’d run off with it. Check it out.

The clip starts out with Jimmy Kimmel’s frequent comedy source Guillermo coming out on stage to the music of the classic animated Spider-man theme. He’s wearing a Spider-Man mask and making “pew pew” noises because apparently nobody ever taught him that “pew pew” is the noise a Star Wars blaster makes. Web shooters make a “thwip” sound. Doesn’t everybody know that?

Next, we see “somebody” come out in a full Spider-Man costume, save a traffic cone on his head. It’s not long before the Spider-Man in question is revealed to be Tom Holland himself. He’s sporting the Spider-Man costume that we’ve seen in set images, both those official and those leaked. It trades in the more traditional red and blue costume for a red and black outfit. The suit looks amazing. Considering this is likely to be the only real look at the suit in action until the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home hits, it’s a great way to show it off, and since images of the suit had leaked anyway, there’s no reason not to do it.

After Tom Holland officially plugs Spider-Man: Far From Home on Jimmy Kimmel Live the host asks how the new movie will work considering Spider-Man’s fate in Avengers: Infinity War. This leads Holland to beat a hasty retreat to avoid answering the question. Kimmel asks if the movie is a prequel, and as far as we know that’s not the case, but exactly what the deal is, we don’t really know.

It’s not even clear why Spider-Man will have the new costume in the first place. Between the previous Spider-Man: Homecoming outfit and the Avengers: Infinity War Iron Spider costume, Peter Parker has plenty of stuff to choose from. Unless whatever brings Spider-Man back from “the snap” brings him back without his clothes. Of course, if that happens there may end up being a lot of naked people at the end of Avengers 4.

The clip ends as Tom Holland flips his way off stage, showing off the natural acrobatic skill that helped him land the role of Spider-man in the first place.

While Tom Holland says he has to get back to the set, all indications are that principal photography on Spider-Man: Far From Home has officially wrapped. There will almost certainly be reshoots at some point, but the heavy lifting is done. Spider-Man: Far From Home is set for release July 5 2019.

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15 Actors Who Have Been Rumored To Take Over For Daniel Craig As James Bond

Bond… James Bond. It’s a sought after role that many will chase, but few get to call their own. With Daniel Craig sending his tuxedo to the cleaners for good after Bond 25, it’s, obviously, time to find a new super spy to protect the world in the name of the British crown. There’s no shortage of names for the position, and thanks to some recent betting activity, there’s a good list of folks that seem to be front runners and long shots. Though there are some surprises that don’t have any money riding on them just yet.

Richard Madden

Madden is the apparent favorite in the betting world right now, and why wouldn’t he be? Folks mostly remember him as the ill-fated King of the North, Robb Stark, from Game of Thrones, or his turn as Prince Charming in Kenneth Brannagh’s live-action Cinderella. So, he can fight, as well as handle himself at a party.

Though, most recently, his name has been flying around as part of a hit British action/drama, Bodyguard, where he plays a law enforcement agent sworn to protect the Home Secretary. With a background in action, and a current gig that more than likely invokes Bond-ian comparisons on a regular basis, this could be a really good fit.

Sam Heughan

Sometimes, all you need to do is put on a tuxedo, and people will start saying you’re the next James Bond. And that’s exactly what happened to Sam Heughan, after he played a facsimile of 007 in this year’s comedy, The Spy Who Dumped Me.

Best known for his role as Outlander’s dreamy Jamie Fraser, he was even asked about playing the role at this year’s New York Comic Con panel. Naturally, nothing definitive was said, but you could see in his face that Heughan has definitely thought about the possibility.

Idris Elba

Perhaps one of the most famous names attached to the next potential James Bond has been Idris Elba. A fixture of British television, thanks to the BBC’s Luther, as well as an actor who’s been in films far and wide, his is a name that’s still hotly debated as next in line for a franchise martini.

While there haven’t been any talks between Elba and Sony, with the actor even pegging himself as too old for the role, there’s always been a fan contingent in his corner. If the right offer came along, we wouldn’t blame him for never saying never again.

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