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  • Apple Watch Series 4 Goes on Sale in India, Price Starts Rs. 40,900

    Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatches, unveiled alongside the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR last month, has gone on sale in India. To recall, the Apple Watch Series 4 price in India and availability was officially confirmed last week, corroborating an exclusive report from Gadgets 360 from last month. The new smartwatch series […]

  • Kaspersky Says Ready to Comply With India’s Data Localisation Norms

    As the political narrative in India appears to be tilting in favour of data localisation, Russia-based global cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab said it was willing to “adopt and comply” with India’s proposed requirement to store data generated in the country within its borders.”The data protection bill is not released yet in India. Once this (data […]

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 India Release Date May Be Delayed

    Red Dead Redemption 2’s India release date may be delayed. The hotly anticipated open-world adventure from Rockstar Games is out on October 26 though most of India may get it a couple of days later. Several customers tipped off Gadgets 360 that the stores they pre-ordered it from┬áhad told them that they were given “special […]

  • How Uber Quietly Raised $2 Billion

    Uber Technologies has found a way to tap debt markets when burning through billions of dollars of cash: Keep financial details closely guarded and hire former Goldman Sachs bankers to oversee the deals.The ride-hailing company this week sold $2 billion (roughly Rs. 14,800 crores) of bonds in what’s known as a private placement. The secretive […]

  • Boeing’s New Business Targets Computers Modelled on Human Brains

    Boeing Co. is creating a new unit to focus on technology that’s seemingly straight out of science fiction, including super-fast computing that mimics the synapses of the human brain and hack-proof communications links based on applied quantum physics.So-called neuromorphic processing and quantum communications, two of the futuristic technologies Boeing wants to explore, may seem an […]

  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 to Get Dual 24-Megapixel Selfie Cameras, Company Confirms

    Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 launch is scheduled for October 25 at an event to be held in China. With just about 7 days to go for the official unveiling, Xiaomi has started teasing major specifications of the upcoming premium smartphone. In the latest round, the Chinese phone maker has teased that the Mi Mix 3 […]

  • Netflix and Amazon Leave Little Room for Streaming Video Latecomers

    To keep his family of four entertained, Ben Emery pays about $180 (roughly Rs. 13,200) a month for Spectrum TV and Internet service, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. He gets Amazon mostly for free shipping and Hulu in part because his 5-year-old daughter likes “Teen Titans Go.””Netflix and Hulu got in early, so that’s where […]

  • Giant Galaxy Supercluster Found Lurking in Early Universe

    Scientists have discovered a primitive “supercluster” of galaxies forming in the early Universe, just 2.3 billion years after the Big Bang.The structure, nicknamed Hyperion, is the largest and most massive to be found so early in the formation of the Universe, which sprang into existence around 13.7 billion years ago.Its titanic mass is one million […]

  • I Fell for Facebook Fake News. Here’s Why Millions of You Did, Too.

    The Facebook video is nuts, but I can’t tear my eyes away. A plane, struggling in a huge storm, does a 360-degree flip before safely landing and letting out terrified passengers.It turns out the video is totally bunk, spliced together from a computer-generated clip and unrelated real news footage. But that didn’t stop the Facebook […]

  • YouTube Miniplayer Button Now Rolling Out to All Desktop Users

    YouTube is now rolling out the Miniplayer button for all desktop users across the globe. This button essentially will allow users to collapse a video into a smaller window at the bottom of the screen and allow the user to browse through YouTube simultaneously. This small video player will come with pause, seek, play, and […]